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Harness the Power of
Pricing Intelligence

Spresso™ is a data-driven, AI-powered approach to pricing strategy, utilizing real-time insights and advanced analytics to optimize pricing decisions for any business goal


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Built by Retailers for Retail

  • Price Optimization

    Leverage multi‑armed bandit experimentation for unparalleled pricing precision

  • Promotion & Discount Pricing

    Maximize conversion while protecting margins for promotional campaigns

  • SKU Level Insights

    Drive immediate improvements with access to advanced SKU‑level analytics

  • Elasticity

    Understand how price changes impact demand across products to enable strategic pricing decisions

  • Compatible Product Feeds

    Worry free and seamless compatibility with product feeds (e.g. Google and Facebook) for consistent pricing

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Flexible and customizable integration options

Event Data

Leverage Spresso's™ proprietary event tracking to unlock advanced analytics models

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Catalog Sync

Flexible sync options for easy-to-manage catalog updates

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Platform Integration

Dynamic plug & play solutions with various ecommerce platforms

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What Our Users Are Saying

  • We increased profitability by 44% on optimized SKUs with Spresso.AI's™ Price Optimization.

    VP of Digital

    Ecommerce Retailer

  • I surpassed my margin targets while liquidating end-of-season products.

    Head of Merchandising

    Fashion Retailer

  • Generative pricing allows us to serve the right price at the right time, regardless of the market.

    VP of Merchandising

    Enterprise Retailer

  • Every team within my company has been able to benefit from the insights Spresso.AI™ has provided.

    CEO Founder

    Food & Bev Merchant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Retailers are seeing an average of 18% increase in profitability gains with Price Optimization. Results may vary based on the amount of traffic your website gets and the goals of your campaigns.

  • Price Optimization validates your campaigns to ensure you aren't going lower than MAP. If the price on your website for an item is already at MAP, you have an option of testing into higher price ranges. During implementation, our team will work with you to ensure proper campaign set up so you don't violate any pricing rules.

  • Dynamic pricing is different from A/B price testing. With A/B testing, you test different prices for a fixed period of time to determine the best price. One of the greatest drawbacks of price testing in this way is that you are showing the suboptimal price 50%+ of the time during the testing period. Dynamic pricing dynamically adjusts prices in real-time based on your business goals and customer behavior, thus minimizing regret (the amount of time the suboptimal price is shown). Whatsmore, dynamic pricing doesn't stop. It continues to optimize based on market conditions so you can have confidence you are always showing the best-performing price.

  • Anyone with an ecommerce site who wants to align their business goals with their consumers' willingness to pay. Price Optimization was built by retailers for retailers. It is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for ecommerce, digital, finance, merchandising, and pricing professionals alike - and it works in conjunction with existing retailer pricing strategies.

  • With Price Optimization, you have the option to show the price in your product feeds to consumers originating from this channel and remove this traffic from the price testing. In addition (or in place of), Spresso™ has advanced bot or crawler detection capabilities and will show the expected default price to these bots to ensure there will be no flagging for price discrepancies, allowing for greater optimization opportunities.

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