Data-driven insights, impactful to your bottom line.

Spresso modular solutions leverage machine learning, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to drive better business outcomes.

Price Optimization

Increase profitability without sacrificing conversion, down to the SKU. Use first-party data to dynamically optimize pricing on your site based on your consumers' behavior, not your competitors' pricing.

Why Price Optimization?

  • Drive profit and conversion

    Advanced analytics increase SKU-level profitability without sacrificing conversion.

  • Use first-party data

    Leveraging your most powerful asset, your data. Make pricing decisions based on your consumers' behavior, not your competitors' pricing.

  • Real-time dynamic pricing

    Automatically routes your site traffic to the top-performing price point, balancing your business goals with your consumers' willingness to pay.

Insights fueled by world-class partners

In partnership with leading technologies, Spresso provides fast and reliable insights driven by advanced analytics, machine learning and AI.

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How does Price Optimization work?

Simple implementation and easy-to-navigate console mean you can action your data today. Set a minimum and maximum SKU price within the console, and watch as Spresso serves price points within the determined range to consumers on your site. Optimizing in real-time, Spresso automatically shifts site traffic to the best performing price point, based on your goals.

What Spresso users are saying

  • "The insights from Spresso's Price Optimization module are a merchandiser's dream. Dynamic price optimization means my team can rest easy knowing we're always serving the right price to our consumers at the right time, regardless of what is happening in the market. And the easy-to-use app makes it so that we're not reliant on external resources to do so!"

    VP of Merchandising
    Enterprise Retailer

  • "Spresso unlocks data-driven decisioning for all facets of my business - from merchandising to customer success, marketing to finance. Virtually every team within my company has been able to benefit from the advanced analytics and AI insights Spresso has provided."

    CEO / Founder
    Food & Bev Merchant

  • "I've recaptured over tens of thousands of dollars through a single win-back campaign informed by Spresso's CQM insights. Using churn score and individual customer LTV to determine where to send my best promotions, I kept valuable customers from churning and recouped promo dollars where they weren't necessary."

    SVP of Marketing
    CPG Merchant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have three core integrations necessary to collect data and power Spresso’s ML:

    1. Event Data - Implement our Spresso Event SDK or connect to your Product Analytics solution (Mixpanel, Amplitude etc).
    2. Catalog Data - Upload as CSV through our user-friendly console or via SFTP.
    3. Platform Integration - For optimized pricing, implement our Spresso SDK, API, or Vtex App.

    As always we are here to help!

  • Compliance is of the utmost importance to us. As such, our algorithm does not consider any legally-protected attributes such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. We have taken, and continue to take, great care to follow the industry’s best practices. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at

  • If you offer custom pricing to certain customers or have exception pricing rules, our system can handle them in two ways. Your implementation team can provide us with an exclusion price, and we can configure the Spresso system to provide the exclusion price (instead of the price test pricing) for certain orders/customers. You can also choose not to call Spresso’s API for products with custom pricing or price exceptions.

  • Rest easy knowing that with Spresso’s bot detection feature, your product feeds (including Google shopping) will not be flagged for price discrepancy alerts. Our system ensures that while bots will still see the default price of an item, customers clicking through from shopping ads will be targeted with an optimized price, maximizing your product’s potential for sales.